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SelfTest: Unmoderated testing

Send a link along with simple instructions and we’ll walk participants through the setup, recording and uploading of their experiences.

Everything with a simple link

Every project has a unique SelfTest link that can be sent to as many participants as you’d like. When they're done with their session, the recording will show up in the dashboard.

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How it works

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First reactions, diaries & usability

We’ve built SelfTests to be flexible. Send it to your participants and let them test your product on their own time and in their normal context.

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Watch recordings roll into your dashboard

All recordings automatically appear in your dashboard when they're ready to be watched.

  • Projects to keep you organized
  • Make Highlights for your team

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App for participants

We've built dedicated apps for your test participants to use when doing SelfTesting. The apps are ready to use for apps, websites, or prototypes – on any platform.

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