Senior Audio/Video/Network dev in C (or Rust?) at Lookback

We are hiring a senior systems engineer.

Lookback's video servers are written in C. We got our own implementation of WebRTC and the nodes are distributed around the world in a full mesh. Other technologies involved are H264, AAC, VP8, MKV and Redis. We're looking to hire someone who knows low level audio/video tech, network code, and can move our video infra into new product territories. The road forward is not set – we are open to either pushing existing code forward (it is well crafted C code), or gradually move things over to something like Rust.

You are passionate about writing solid video/audio code that "just works". You feel comfortable around libraries like openh264, libav, libvpx. You don't shy away from tools like Wireshark or GDB. Previous experience with WebRTC is a merit, but can also be picked up on the job.

You know C and can maintain our existing code, but your heart could be somewhere else (Rust, Haskell, Go). The path forward for our stack is open.