Senior Audio/Video Engineer (Rust) at Lookback

We’re now looking to expand our team with a Senior Audio/Video Engineer at Lookback.

We're looking to hire top talent who knows low level audio/video tech, network code, and can lead the effort in moving our video infrastructure into new product territories. We are rewriting this stack in Rust and not only will you be writing cool tech but you will be a key part of making our platform the industry leader in video technology built for product teams.

Lookback's video servers are being rewritten in Rust (they are currently in C). We have our own implementation of WebRTC and the nodes are distributed around the world in a full mesh. Other technologies involved are H264, AAC, VP8, MKV and Redis.

You are passionate about writing solid video/audio code that "just works". You feel comfortable around libraries like openh264, libav, libvpx. You don't shy away from tools like Wireshark or GDB. Previous experience with WebRTC is a merit, but can also be picked up on the job.

You might know Rust inside out already, or are starting out with it. Either way you're not alone in this rewrite. It's about collaboration and ensuring more than one person can work with the code. Together we will make this the best video stack possible for the future.

Who are we

Lookback is the leading cloud-based technology platform built from the ground up to help product teams talk to their users. Lookback is cash flow even, growing and comprised of a mature, 20 person team. Our growth is product-led, which means that our customers come to us because our product firmly stands on its own in the marketplace. As a result, we continue to invest in our product and development teams in order to continuously provide product-driven value to our customers. We have offices in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in Sweden.

We are “remote-first”, already before covid, and consist of passionate team members spread across the entire globe. Since our CTO and the majority of the product team are based in Stockholm and Barcelona, a European time-zone-based person would be preferred.

We offer competitive salaries, stock options, great healthcare insurance and pension as well as Nordic Style 40+ PTO (we encourage all to take 40 + days off to recharge per year). Normally we have 2-3 retreats per year in different locations where we work, hack and recharge together (previous locations: Stockholm, Barcelona, Palm Springs, Miami, Montreal).