Mobile app developer at Lookback

Lookback has two audio/video streaming mobile apps: iOS and Android. On iOS, we use Swift, and on Android, we use Kotlin. Both apps are written in a Functional Reactive Programming style (similar to RxSwift and RxKotlin).

We believe in writing native apps and hand crafting UI to be "correct" for the platform.

We're looking for a mobile application developer who has experience in preferably both iOS and Android – but we also think one could be picked up as we go. Interest – or being opinionated – in interface design and user experience on the respective platforms is a plus.

At Lookback, you'd lead the mobile app development and thus own the iOS and Android app code. You'd be working close with a designer to implement new views and features, as well as with backend developers for networking, and generally maintain the apps for new OS versions.

Both our apps are working well with solid code, but we're always open to rewriting code bases as our product changes.

You have a lot of experience in building mobile apps. You are passionate about native UI and doing things "the right way" for the platform. Interest or experience in audio/video programming is a plus.