Senior Devops at Lookback

We are hiring a senior devops role.

Lookback's infrastructure is built upon AWS. We use CloudFormation to configure most things and have our in-house continuous delivery system to deploy Docker images in a microservice architecture. We also have a more "bare metal" style of deployment for our live servers, where we run a custom Linux build and "unpacked" Docker images without actually using Docker. We run our in-house log collection/visualisation system and use Datadog for monitoring and alerts.

We do not blindly follow industry standards, but rather try to find a good way that works for us. This also means we are often saying no to special requests from potential and current customers to avoid being tied down by the contractual obligations that often come attached to customized "enterprise" agreements.

All our systems work well and there are no fires to put out. We are looking for someone to help us grow/scale what we have and to make for even smoother operations (our immediate need is to make a rapid setup dev environment).

You're well versed in various AWS tech (CloudFormation, EC2, IAM, S3, ALB), understand developer needs and is used to working with CI/CD. You code to solve integration. You work independently and take responsibility end-to-end, from developer environment to production system.