Database engineer at Lookback

We are hiring a Database dev (PostgreSQL), contract possible.

Lookback's database holds data on customers, recordings, participants, comments and notes. Our current solution is in MongoDB, but we want to move away from that.

We believe our future is database enforced consistency and that good product solutions and smooth operations both start in the database. We think PostgreSQL is the way forward for us, and we're looking for someone to head up the task of gradually migrating and structuring up a better database to support us going forward.

Our data warehouse in Redshift and all data handling processes need work, including this.

We are not shy about shifting logic into stored procedures, using JSON types etc. We want someone who can teach us how to build the perfect database!

You are passionate about organizing and shaping data and the processes around handling data. You have experience of writing code that migrates old databases to new, and doing it without service interruption. You know how to introduce great operational procedures for schema versioning that tie into our continuous delivery. You have experience of data warehousing and compliance issues that come with it.