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Let us tell you a little about our story, who we are, and where we’re going.

Lookback started as an empathic response to a technical problem.

The problem of building a better music app. Or, specifically, the problem of trying to understand what people thought of what we had built. At the time, we were working at Spotify, and we were observing how Spotify’s user researchers were trying to understand people’s listening habits on the iPhone.

Let’s just conclude they had a hard time. To capture people’s interaction on film, the research team had to either follow people around with multiple cameras (one for the face, one to capture the device they were holding), or bring in the person to the lab and ask them to “act normal”. Yeah, right. Both alternatives sucked and we wanted it to be better for them. So we started building Lookback.

Little did we know that three years later, today, Lookback would no longer just be an internal tool at Spotify, it would be a company employing a world-class, distributed team, have thousands of companies using the platform (including Facebook, Netflix, Etsy, and several other top apps). It would be part of ushering in an entirely new era of user-centric design. It means better experiences for everyone. Yay!

Now, the mission we’re on is one of empathy.

We believe that Lookback’s possibility as a tool, and co-incidentally, the mission of the founders and core team, is really that: increase the amount of empathy on a global scale. We believe there’s something magical about seeing people struggle with what you’ve built that makes you and everyone who sees it just go: wow, we need to fix that! Right away! An empathic response, is what it is. A (re)connection with your customers. And that’s what we want to create in more product teams, in more businesses, around the world, with Lookback.

And of course, for us, it doesn’t stop there. (How could it? We’re a startup.. world domination has to be part of the plan somehow, right?) So we do want to change the world, but we want to do it on our terms. And our terms are: we change ourselves first. And then we offer that change to the world.

What we mean by that is that we’re firm believers in the unhindered growth potential of each human being. We believe one can do and be so much more than we know, and it takes a truly fantastic culture to foster that constant, high-growth in every person — but it’s doable. That’s what we’re striving for. We hold humans more dear than processes and creativity more dear than structure. We’re seeking to create a culture that celebrates love, growth and business, in a beautiful combination. Not just one above the other.

So, where are we going?

We aim to make Lookback a huge company. Huge enough to seriously impact the world with this mission: empathy. For everyone.

And for that we need you! Of course we need great business results, top-level skills, constant honing and perfection of the execution of reaching our goals and improving the experience of our own software platform, for our customers. All of that’s so important. And that’s why we’re firm believers in you, to come in and help us.

Lookback is a fully remote company. We value individuals and their abilities so much that we’d like to not just limit us to one city. While we’re headquartered in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park, specifically), we are open to applicants from anywhere within the U.S or European timezones (or anyone willing to work those hours).

Tools we use

We hold our meetings over Google Hangouts, we chat on Slack, we collaborate on Clubhouse and GitHub, we do support on Intercom, and we absolutely do not send emails. (Except to customers.)

Working with Lookback means a lot of responsibility. You’d be in charge of your day, of how you set up your working environment, what to do if your colleagues aren’t online or not next to you, and if you’re without guidance. It means we’re looking for individuals with drive, who can manage themselves and deliver excellent results. We’re also looking for individuals who are coachable, interested in becoming a new and better person, and constantly wanting to up your game — within the realm of your professional life, or elsewhere. We’re holistic in our thinking and leave few things outside.

So if you, too, believe that the world is in for a change, and in for a big time change, then consider applying to us. If you also believe it’s time for a change, that the world needs it, and want to help usher in it, and if you believe you have the ability to help the world be more empowered and understanding in it’s nature, you should definitely come join the ride.

We don’t believe in titles because we think they hinder people. (‘Oh, I am “head of X” and therefore I must always think like a “head of X” would.) Instead, we focus on quarterly roles, and encourage and appreciate people to change depending on their appetite, and the changing needs of the business. So above, we’ve listed areas of expertise, rather than particular titles. (Don’t worry, you’d still be well compensated and have the ability to grow inside the organization, even though we don’t have titles.)

We offer equity, a competitive salary (adjusted for location), 30 days PTO/vacation plus public holidays in your country of residence, 3 real-life meetups per year (they’re awesome), paid healthcare plans for you and your dependents (U.S only). We believe this company is destined for greatness (and thus, a large value) and we’re still small enough to be able to offer meaningful equity in our little rocket ship.

We’d love to hear from you. To apply, shoot an email to omgworkwithus@lookback.io.

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