High-quality participants for your research

Lookback and User Interviews have teamed up to bring you seamless, low-cost participant recruiting for your research.

Smiling faces of participants Smiling faces of participants

Recruiting screened participants made simple

With Lookback and User Interviews, your recruiting and user testing are all handled together, so you can quickly find the right people for your project and get results in a few days.


Recruit high-quality screened participants for both remote and in-person studies.

Participants are sourced from the U.S. within 3-5 days starting at $30/participant. No subscription required, pay as you go.

Your first 3 participants are free when testing with Lookback (incentives excluded).

Sign up for User Interviews

UserInterviews.com web page

As easy as sending them the link

Once you have recruited your participants through User Interviews, send them the participate link from your Lookback project. Or invite participants to your office for in-person UX testing.

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Supports all of Lookback's research modes.

LiveShare: Remote moderated testing

Talk to your participants while they share their screen, face and voice with you. Invite up to 20 observers to watch and take notes in real-time.

Read more about LiveShare testing

Self test

SelfTest: Remote unmoderated testing

Activated with a simple link. We’ll walk your user through setup, testing and uploading.

Read more about SelfTest

In person testing

In person: Apps for your lab

Our in-person apps are great for simple, seamless in-person testing. Just login and start the session.

Read more about In-Person testing

Sit back as the sessions roll in

Sessions will appear in your team's dashboard, for you to moderate, analyze and collaborate on.

  • Projects to keep your research organized
  • Notes and chat on each session
  • Create highlights for your team

Start now and get 3 participants for free

Create a more seamless research experience today. You get three participants for free (incentives excluded) when using our tools together.